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Quote1.png[...] I promise that you will all have a different life from what we have had. I will give it to you, my family, my friends. No matter what the cost.Cordellsrc

Cordell Kuro is the current Don of the Kuro crime family, taking up the mantle after the unraveling and subsequent death of the founder and former head, her maternal half-brother Luca Kuro.


Cordell is a half-blooded vampire/dark elf[1] of slightly above-average height and a toned, boyish physique fitting of the Kuro Gang's star athlete. Similar to her brother she takes after Mama Kuro, inheriting her features, dark skin, and white hair. She comes from an Afro-European, possibly part Japanese background.

Despite her vampire heritage she has no immediately obvious vampiric traits, the only marker of her heritage being that she suspects it's the reason she may be less affected by the Kuro family curse than the rest of the main branch. Her skin has maintained some of its warmth and color, and her growth was not affected in childhood as Luca's was. Her ears are pointed, typical of an elf, but are otherwise similar in size and shape to humanoid ears.

Her hair is kept in a shoulder-length slanted bob and parted in the middle, apparently since childhood. She has large round eyes with bright green irises, a trait shared by neither of her parents. This is possibly a symptom of the Kuro family curse (light eyes are more sensitive to light), a simple matter of genetics as brightly-colored eyes are common among her mother's side of the family, or both.


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    Considering Cordell was born when Luca was still a small child[1] and Luca was 809 years old at the time of death.


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