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Quote1.pngDurem's antique architecture & distinctive clock tower give it a classy old-world look, but it's also got a reputation for great night-life & unmatched coolness thanks to high-profile residents like Moira, Edmund & Natasha. Home to some of Gaia's hippest stores (Durem Depot & Skin Tyte) and classiest boutiques (Salon Durem & H.R. Wesley), it's also the hottest shopping destination around.Guide to Gaia, Page 159

Durem, also stylized as Dürem, is a town in the Western part of Gaia.


Originally, the only towns available on the Map were Barton Town and Isle de Gambino. However, on May 13th, 2004, a new town was teased in an announcement. Two days later on May 15th, Durem was officially accessible. Initially, only Durem Depot and H&R Wesley were open to the public. On May 20th, Salon Durem opened as well.[1]


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