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Edmund is the shopkeeper of H&R Wesley, alongside Louie Von Helson. He is now married to his long time love interest, Vanessa, and together they had their first daughter; Violet.

Edmund had always been close to the Gambino Family(Johnny K. Gambino in particular), and It was later revealed in 'The Vampire Conflict' that when Rosalie ran off in a bid to save her sons; he had pursued her- only to arrive just in time to save only one of them: Ian. And it was during this altercation that he received his iconic scars.

He took the boy to Gambino Mansion, and placed him under Johnny's supervision, despite Johnny's protests against it. Edmund instead maintained the role of Ian's parental guardian, often checking up on him and making sure he was kept hidden- periodically medically injecting him to hide his vampire characteristics.

After the events of 'The Vampire Conflict', he took in Louie; giving him a home and a job at his store.

He is proficient with a blade and is skilled as an agent; as he was able to overpower a Vampire and sneak up on Louie(A half-vampire) without him even noticing.

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