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Gambino's Mansion is the estate of the wealthy Gambino family, built by Johnny K. Gambino.

The mansion has undergone several phases over the years, being damaged or flat out destroyed on more than one occasion.


Isle de Gambino residence[]


The original mansion was constructed during 1999 and revealed to the public in Gregory Donovinh's final scoop on New Year's Day, 2000.

The mansion was a staple of Isle de Gambino and was host to several events over the years, including the 1st Gaia Olympic Race, First Gaian Ball, and the Halloween Bash in 2004.

However, following the events of the Halloween celebration, the mansion was decimated by the Silent Flash Protocol missile, leaving it in ruins.

Halloween fire[]

On Halloween, 2005, the Isle de Gambino mansion burned to the ground while Gino hosted a dinner party for Ian and Sasha.

Once again, the mansion was left in ruins.

Red Bino[]

After his return in 2006, Gambino used the profits earned from Red Bino to rebuild the Isle de Gambino mansion once again. In celebration of its revival, the annual Halloween Bash was held there.

That same night, the roof of the mansion was heavily damaged by the Zurg. The damage would be repaired.

Tower of Gambino[]

Rise and fall[]

After reuniting with his son Gino Gambino in late-2004, Gambino began to raise funds in 2005 to rebuild the mansion.

However, after completing the mansion, Gambino had continued to build and erected a massive skyscraper from its base due to his unstable state at the time.

On April Fools Day, 2005, Gambino was shot atop the tower. Shortly thereafter, the tower fell, leaving a trail of debris in its path as it toppled over Durem and crushing the Von Helson Mansion with the Von Helson Sisters inside. However, the original mansion rebuilt at the base of the tower survived.

Durem residence[]


When the Tower of Gambino fell and the dust had settled, the mansion at the top of Gambino's tower had been left in place of the Von Helson Mansion. It remained in place surrounded by rubble for some time.