Gaia Storyline Wiki

A glossary of terms and concepts commonly used in the Gaia Storyline Wiki.


  • GCE - Gambino Common Era. Due to the unclear chronology of events occurring before the year 2000, Gino Gambino's given birth year (1988) is a commonly used indicator on this wiki for age comparison purposes or as a way of estimating when a recent event may have occurred. His birth date is no longer available on his profile but has been confirmed by an in-character post on his 30th birthday, May 15, 2k18.[1]


  • Central - As 'Gaia' can refer to the Goddess Gaia, the world of Gaia, the country of Gaia, and the main region of the country of Gaia most of the plot takes place in, Central is used to refer to the latter instead.