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Grunnies are a species of Zombie rabbits that really defined the site. The first we heard of Grunny was at the start of the Halloween 2004 update, when LabTech247 gave LabTech101 a little green bunny rabbit, which 101 called Grunny, for "Green Bunny.". The users of Gaia immediately latched on to the concept, and when 101 was zombified, on his head was a small, green, red-eyed rabbit. For a long time, grunnies were merely a historical curiosity of the plot; the only time they appeared after H2K4 was in a statement by LabTechX at the Second Gaian Anniversary Ball. He stated, simply, "GRUNNY LIVES!"

Suddenly, during the Halloween 2005 update, Grunny was back into the plot. LabTech123 was shown holding a Grunny, and there was a room full of caged grunnies behind him. Immediately following, LabTechX released the grunnies into the mansion, sparking the zombification process for the H2K5 event. Grunnies appear to be numerous, as several million of them were captured during that event. From the April Fools 2006 flashback, it can be speculated that Grunnies are in fact a mutation of zombie+human rabbits(hence the Grunny appearing on 101's head). Their dominant behavior is infecting hosts by rapidly reproducing themselves, apparently by incubating in the human brainstem until they burst forth from the back of the skull, creating a Grombie.

It remains to be seen what Grunny and all the grunnies that resemble him will do during the coming plot updates, but their popularity amongst the users has virtually guaranteed them a spot in future continuations of the storyline.