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Ian Von Helson (Damian Von Helson) is the dorky, humble and hopeless romantic of a shopkeeper who manages the Barton Boutique(Formerly Gambino Boutique). He is best friends with Rufus, who is also his co-worker. It was later revealed in 'The Vampire Conflict' that Ian is actually half-vampire, and heir to the Von Helson Family.

Ian is one of the oldest NPCs in the world of Gaia. Since the beginning, he's been running his shop in Barton Town, the Barton Boutique. He's made minor event appearances, such as his stint in the Olympics and his role as the Easter Bunny during Easter 2003 with his cat, Rufus. Eventually, however, he became quite active in the plot; figuring in a major way during both episodes of Gino's return. Far from his rather normal image, he was once cast as an angry and jealous individual that looked at Gino as an obstacle to his romantic goals.

Although it was previously hinted that he was going to stab Gino in his sleep, that turned out to be a red herring. Later, Ian obtained a prescription pill bottle that was apparently something damning about Gino, but he dropped it in the burning mansion while saving Sasha. Whatever that was(It wasn't clarified at all).

For years, Ian kept his fiercely competitive rivalry with Gino Gambino for Sasha's affections. But since then, Sasha and Ian have remained good friends.

In 'The Vampire Conflict' It was revealed that Ian's mother was killed in a failed rescue attempt to save him. He was then rescued by Edmund, who became his parental guardian; while his brother was captured and left behind. Ian, with nowhere safe to go, was placed in Gambino Mansion under his stepfather's very reluctant supervision. From that point forward, he regularly dyed his hair blonde and was medically injected periodically by Edmund to hide his vampire characteristics from others.

His given birth name is actually Damian Von Helson, but he has chosen to keep going by his alias 'Ian' instead.

Since the events of 'The Vampire Conflict', Ian has stopped hiding his identity. And although most of his natural characteristics have since returned; the changes to his skin appear to be permanent.