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[ JK ] was a former staff member in the early days of Gaia. He is notable for his role-playing roles during early events; Including Sorn and Flarn during Zurg H2k6.

He unfortunately passed away from Brain cancer on July 07, 2019.


" Out of all the places I've ever worked at, Gaia really was my favorite one. I loved being able to connect with the community.. you guys, and in my work life it's been my most rewarding experience so far. From the Zurg event, zOMG and finally HoC I made a lot of friends that I'll never forget, and I'm really sincerely thankful for each and everyone one of you who's ever cared to leave me a nice message, talk to me, support me and check out the content I helped create.

I'll miss working at Gaia too - we started out as a group of friends who wanted to make a cool website for anime fans. Back then coming to work felt like visiting a friend's place and coming up with awesome ideas and actually making them reality. Over the years Gaia changed and with it's growing size it got more business like which in itself really isn't necessarily a bad thing. We managed to take on bigger projects and in the end even created a whole mmo and other full-fledged games! There are still a lot of great people working at Gaia and I wish them the best for the future. I can't however deny that I'm a bit bitter of the way the layoff was handled. Pan already touched up on it but it hurt that we were denied the chance to even just say goodbye to our colleagues in person.

After all, I really don't regret my time at Gaia. It didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it or expected it to, but I wouldn't trade the experiences I've had for anything. I sincerely wish you, the users and my friends who still work there the best.

Please don't feel too bad about what happened, after all we had a few really great years and created some really great memories together and you can be sure that I won't just disappear! I'll make sure to check in and keep in touch  

I'd also like to say thank you for all the great years with all the other people that were let go. You guys are in the same boat as me and I hope you're not feeling too sad. I'm especially thinking about those of you who have been around as long or even longer than me, like Saka, Panagrammic and a few people who's usernames I can't remember.

Lastly, I gained something amazing thanks to Gaia! I met the love of my life, Liz. We've had almost 5 wonderful years together so far and we plan on getting married soon.

See you around fellow users!

- JK <3 "