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LabTech013 was one of the LabTechs working for G CORP and Johnny Gambino. He stated in his journal that he had been working for G CORP for five years, and had climbed the corporate ladder very quickly. He apparently stumbled upon the true nature of the project that G CORP was working on prior to Halloween 2004, and realized that he could not in good conscience continue his work for the company.

In an attempt to warn the Gaian community, he posted a journal attempting to get this information out, which was deleted. He was never seen alive again after that incident. He reappeared at the Halloween Bash, a classic zombie, lurching up to the assembled LabTechs at the retirement party for LabTech062.

He first bit LabTech957, starting the spread of the zombie G-Virus. Here, 062 claimed to have killed him, even though LabTech247 also clearly recalled killing him. It was implied that this was due to his zombification and inherent difficulty to kill. Nothing much else is known about 013, except that he had a wife and daughter named Julia and Nicki, respectively.

It was revealed during the April Fools 2006 update that 013 was indeed murdered by 247, via an infected syringe to the head.

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