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LabTech062 was the head of the G CORP Secret Underground Test Facility, and the highest-ranking of the LabTechs there. He was involved in a sort of low-level scandal all the way through the Halloween 2004 plot; he was involved with a woman named Julia, who was presumably the same Julia that was LabTech013's wife. 013 is confirmed to have been killed by at least 062, so that makes the whole thing a fairly sordid and soap-opera-type affair. He's generally portrayed as a corrupt high-level G CORP employee, who is soon to retire and get away from all the madness. At his retirement party, however, 062 was bitten by 013, transforming him into a zombie and killing him. Much about him at this point is unclear. Interesting fact:

All his journal posts were posted at 44 minutes past the hour.

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