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LabTech101 is G CORP's most clueless LabTech. His journal, although worded from the perspective of a person that makes most tiki torches look observant, is a veritable gold mine of information. He starts out working at G CORP in the labs under the Isle de Gambino, and GOSH DOES HE LOVE WORKING IN A SECRET UNDERGROUND TEST FACILITY! (101's catchphrase is that particular exuberant expression of contentment with his job.) Apparently, LabTech062 is 101's uncle, and got him a spot in the SUTF despite his sixth-grade education and lack of observational skills. He was put to work under LabTech247, who assigned him menial jobs like paperwork and heavy lifting (i.e. stealing crates from other labs to advance 247's research). He made a pet out of one of 247's lab animals, a green rabbit which he named Grunny - This is the original Grunny. He managed to access a high-security elevator shaft, which deposited him in an area filled with animal suspended in glass tubes, obviously testing specimens. 101 thought they were pets, and was confused as to why 247 had to save him from a security team. He was the one to confirm that LabTech138 had taken 247's fuse for his cyclotronic accelerator. He had his favorite coffee mug stolen shortly thereafter, one featuring the kanji for "Ten" or "Heaven" (天), because of his fascination with Street Fighter and Akuma.

Later, he noticed that LabTech909LabTech912, and LabTech126 were all unconscious on medical tables in 247's lab. 247 let him take a "nap" too, and he woke up in his chair, completely refreshed. After this, he began observing strange behavior in his fellow LabTechs, including aggressive behavior by 137 and item hoarding by 138. At this point, he experiences a lack of energy, and his palms begin to peel quite a bit. He later passed out, and came to realize that he had pads on his hands, like those on rabbits' feet. He also experiences an increase in strength.

The day before Halloween, 101 makes the first mention of GAIA9 Action News, even before Cindy Donovinh was known as a character. This is the first recorded mention of G9AN. Shortly after this mention, he broke a container by accident and swallowed some green liquid from inside. He then attended the Halloween 2004 Bash at Gambino's Mansion, where he socialized with users and MOD(els) to great acclaim. Later, at 062's retirement party, he was zombified with great prejudice while trying to give the assembled zombie LabTechs a group hug. His zombie avatar has the first recorded image of Grunny. He is presumed dead-dead from the Silent Flash explosion which ended the event.

Other Information[]

He was interviewed by the Gaian Times, which revealed that he had only a sixth-grade education and worked as a research assistant at the lab.