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LabTech126 was an employee of G CORP, one of several LabTechs involved in the Halloween 2004 storyline. The main focus of 126's journal in the G CORP guild was his relationship with LabTech912. Both techs were involved in a relationship before joining G CORP, and hid the relationship during interviews with Johnny Gambino so that they would not be dismissed for violating the rule against employee relationships. They were fairly frisky in the workplace, meeting in secret trysts around the Secret Underground Test Facility. LabTech101's journal contains several humorous anecdotes in reference to the pair, including a rather randy one about a 'spitting purple boa.' LabTech247 also had his whipped cream commandeered for less-than-wholesome purposes.

Like the majority of the LabTechs, 126 attended the Halloween Bash at the Gambino Mansion and was presumably incinerated during the Silent Flash explosion along with his co-workers.

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