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Liam is the very popular, womanizing shopkeep of The Jock Strap.

He was first seen as one of the randomly appearing NPCs at the Second Gaian Anniversary Ball, where he made comments about the ladies and how Johnny Gambino made it hard for him to work anywhere but Aekea. He used to run his own store, Crate and Apparel. His shop dialogue consists of "Yo! (username)" and various comments about robots. He's appeared as a minor figure in the plot, mostly as humor or background - Liam isn't too involved with anyone except for himself. However, he is surprisingly dependable and loyal to his friends.

He briefly dated Sasha, Vanessa and Moira at the same time in secret(as he couldn't choose); but he was found out and was promptly dumped by all three.

He was once captured by the Von Helson Sisters along with Gino Gambino, but got himself out of it by using his biceps to attract them.