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Mother is a major NPC from the Halloween 2k6 Event and years later, made a return as a minor character in the Zurg Generations Halloween 2k16 event. She was first introduced in H2k6 as The Mothership.


When the Mother first came to Gaia, she came seeking one thing: Power. The blast that split the Gambinos attracted her there, in search of the source of such a powerful burst of energy.

However, the more time Mother spent on Gaia, the more she became fond of its inhabitants. Over time, she began to think of Gaians as her children, like her 12 UFOs.

But as time went on, she started to become disturbed by what she saw. Mother would claim that because of Gaian's self-destructive tendency for hatred and greed; they would end up destroying themselves.

The amount of time she predicted they would have without her intervention was no more than five years.

The man she predicted would be responsible: Johnny K. Gambino.

The means by which they would destroy themselves: the G-Virus.

She told them that the only way to save them was for her to "treat" them, as she had treated Flarn. It would take away all their negative emotions... and all the positive ones, too. And most likely free will with it.

Mother intended to take control of Gaia, for it's own good. Gaia wanted to show her that through their efforts for peace, such intervention was unnecessary.