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Nicolae is one of shopkeepers of 'The Bifrost' alongside his boyfriend Cresento. Despite his joking and his flippant attitude, he has a reputation as an underworld criminal. A bit of a shady character, he is prone to theft and deception.

He retired his former position as the shopkeep of 'Back Alley Bargains', which is has since been managed by Lex.


After the death of his parents, Nicolae was raised by his aunt and uncle alongside eleven of his cousins. The competition amongst so many other children is where he credits the development of his ability to manipulate and swindle. As a teenager, he took whatever jobs he could get, and after being involved in various risky operations he decided to play it safe and work alone.

Upon the rise of the animated, he opened up shop in Barton Square and sold items to help defeat them out of the back of his wagon.