The Nyxian gun-arm was Zhivago's signature weapon in The Airship Saga.

Design Edit

When disengaged, the gun-arm takes the form of a right-handed fingerless black leather glove with spiked metal knuckles. The symbol of Nyx's new moon is visible on the back. Once worn it is sealed to the user's skin by Nyx's power, impossible to remove without amputation. It is not possible to get any tools under the glove to remove it. It can be used to interface directly with the user's nerves on command and cause pain so unbearable some have gone through amputation rather than endure it. This is visualized as an electric shock, but may not literally be one.

It is only possible to remove the glove safely with its key, which is also used activate and deactivate the glove's ability to cause severe pain, which allowed Luca Kuro control over the glove's users, most notably Zhivago. If any attempt is made to remove the glove by force without unlocking or severing it from the user's body, it will activate.

It is engaged by aiming a finger-gun with intent to kill. When engaged, it transforms and expands into a menacing armored gun-arm with a demonic appearance. A targeted intent to kill with the weapon must be present to engage it, as Zhivago is seen making the same gesture

Gun-arm Mk. I Edit

The glove transforms and expands into a menacing armored weapon that covers the hand and forearm. The center of the back of the hand 'opens' into an eye with a demonic appearance encircled by a second new moon. The eye has the horizontal iris and pupil of a goat. 'Eyelashes' extend from under its upper lid and connect to metal knuckles. Flexible armor plating reinforces an index-finger-mounted barrel, ending in a pointed tip resembling a claw.. A scope is mounted to the second knuckle of the thumb with similar armor plating. The other fingers are left bare. Black material covers most of the arm up to the bicep and armor plating expands from the glove covering one side of the forearm, ending in a demonic wing at the elbow.

Gun-arm Mk. III Edit

More organic.