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Sasha is the shopkeeper of Gambino Outfitters. For a long time, she was the source of a heated love triangle between Ian and Gino; but for the most part was completely oblivious to their feelings.

Sasha is one of the more plot-involved shopkeepers. She stayed out of things most of the time, making minor appearances at the Christmas 2004 event and the Gaia Olympics 2004, as well as attending the Second Gaian Anniversary Ball. Her involvement with the plot really picked up with her role in the Gino Returns plot event, where she found Gino Gambino while on a stroll down the beach with Ian. She is, from this, the only person, man or woman, who has ever kissed Gino (to our knowledge.) After saving his life with rescue breathing, she took him into her house, letting him stay there as he recovered, causing Ian no small amount of jealousy.

During the Halloween 2005 event, she was invited to dinner at the Gambino Mansion as a thank-you gesture from Gino. While the pair were dining on an ambiguous pot-roast/turkey dinner, the lab and mansion caught fire, leading to a mad dash through dramatic flames to get out of the mansion. During all this, Gino stopped a rafter from falling on Sasha, becoming trapped under it in the process. Ian proceeded to force Sasha out of the mansion before it collapsed.

She was in a relationship with Liam until she learned he was cheating on her with her other two friends; Moira and Vanessa. Upon finding out, they all promptly broke up with him. Permanently.