The Second Gaian Anniversary Ball was held on February 18th, 2004.

The Von Helson SistersAnna Corinne and Marie, made their first appearance. The "Two Most Powerful Women in Gaia" hosted the party at their Durem mansion. Various NPCs showed up, and Gaia Anniversary Balloons and Hats were handed out. The sisters also handed out two-part V Pins. Johnny Gambino, who had crashed the party by arriving before the sisters with the amnesiac Gino, garnered support by handing out G Pins again. The NPCs also dropped various bits of information, and Liam of the then-unreleased town, Aekea, made his first appearance. LabTechX and LabTech123 both appeared as well, having not been turned into zombies. LabTechX conducted some shady dealings with the sisters. Then, while Cindy Donovinh continued to report, the Von Helsons kidnapped Gino and forced Johnny K. Gambino into a confrontation.

In return for Gino, Gambino had to promise to leave Durem and never return. At that point, the party was closed.

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