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Vampires are a prominent race of people within Central, said to be descended from humans and the unnatural realms via a curse.[1]


Vampires are perhaps the most physiologically diverse race of people on Gaia, from the superhuman vampires of Central to the beast-like Night Fright and the monstrous Penanggalan. Only the need to subsist on the life essence (usually blood) of other living creatures is common among all vampires. That being said, there are characteristics common to the majority of the vampire populace of Central.

There is a very common misconception that vampires all have pale white skin, but this is not the case. In reality, vampires are an extremely diverse race and can have any human or non-human skin tone, although their skin may appear pale or ashy in comparison. Another common misconception is that a vampire with a skin tone not fitting the classical image of a vampire must be a turned vampire or of mixed-species descent, but this is also not the case.

Exposure to sunlight can be lethal to vampires[2] with the worst cases resulting in spontaneous combustion or severe sunburn,[3] but it has only been shown to result in a irritability and an increased tendency to use obscene language.[4][5] Even this does not apply to all classifications of Gaian vampires—a Penanggal, for example, returns unharmed to her human form by daylight.[6][7]

In contrast, vampires are capable of extreme resistance to the cold, a possible reason many vampires' names indicate a Central or Eastern European background.


Vampires heal at a rate of two or three times faster than humans from fractures and up to fourteen times faster from cuts. Contrary to what the number of vampires with scars may suggest, the development of scar tissue is very rare. Being wounded by a god, demon, titan, or person with godly, demonic or titanic descent, or being wounded by dark magic or a weapon hexed with dark magic are known causes for the development of scar tissue on a vampire.[8] They are, however, not the only causes.

Society and culture[]

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  • Vampires apparently have a natural aptitude for knitting.[5]


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