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Vladimir Von Helson was the head of the Von Helson family; A powerful family of Vampires. In the past, he had two daughters with an unknown woman, but was unable to conceive male heirs. So he later targeted and courted a woman named Rosalie, who was able to bear him two sons.

After his sons were born, his behavior towards his wife quickly changed. He began treating her like a servant, since her usefulness had run it's course. After some time, she ended up leaving the Von Helson house, and remarrying. But never forgot her sons who remained in his care.

Vladimir brought up his two sons to become heirs to the family, but his treatment of them was implied to have been less than loving. Rosalie, who was unable to leave them there; would soon return to attempt to rescue them. However, Vladimir, ignoring her pleas; shot her down in cold blood during the attempt. He would lose one of his sons, but recaptured the other and continued to raise him.

He soon returned to Gaia, and served as a figurehead for the vampires during the war against humans.

In the end, he was shot and killed. His death signified the end of the war.